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Escalas/Escores/ Probabilidades


Action Research Arm Test

Alvarado appendicitis score

American Heart Association Stroke Outcome Classification (AHA SOC)

Apache II score

Apgar score

Barthel Index

Berg Balance Scale

Bleeding probability after TPA for MI

Blessed Dementia Scale

Blessed Dementia Information Memory Concentration Test

Blunt Trauma Prediction Rule: Aortic injury

Canadian Neurological Scale (CNS)

Cardiac arrest: likelihood of mortality and neurologic recovery

Cincinnati Stroke Scale

Community acquired Pneumonia Mortality risk for adults

Coronary disease probability

Crotalid snakebite severity score

Croup score (pediatric)

Edmonton Functional Assessment Tool (EFAT)

Edmonton Staging System (ESS)

Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS)

Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)

Geriatric depression scale (Koenig)

GI bleed complication risk

Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS)

Hachinkski Ischaemia Score

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression

Heart Disease Risk

Hempispheric Stroke Scale

Hunt & Hess Scale

Karnofsky Performance Scale

Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Screen (LAPSS)

Mangled extremity severity score

Mathew Stroke Scale

Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale

Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

Modified Rankin Scale

Myocardial infarction probability (Goldman)

NIH Stroke Scale

NINDS - AIREN criteria for the diagnosis of vascular dementia

Orpington Prognostic Score

Orgogozo Stroke Scale

Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project Classification (Bamford)

Pneumothorax Volume (%)

Probability Coronary Artery Disease

Ranson's criteria for pancreatitis mortality prediction

Scandinavian Stroke Scale

Short Orientation-Memory Concentration Test

Strep pharyngitis probability score

Stroke Impact Scale (SIS)

Stroke Specific Quality of Life Measure (SS-QOL)

TWEAK alcoholism score

Trauma score for survival probability