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Calculadoras Clínicas


ABG interpreter Calculator - interprets a respiratory or metabolic cause for pH disorders.

Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) Calculator - calculates the ABW in obese persons for more accurate drug dosing

Allowable Blood Loss Calculator - calculates how much blood can be lost without needing a transfusion

Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient (A-a gradient)

Anion gap

Blood alcohol concentration

Blood oxygen content

Body mass index

Body Mass Index calculator Including height and weight charts.

Body Surface Area, Body Mass Index

Body Surface Area calculator for medication doses - Includes descriptive statistics.

Calculate IV rate as mL/hr

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion

Cerebrospinal white blood cell correction in traumatic lumbar puncture

Dose Calculator mL/hr as dose/hr - calculates the dose of medications infusing

Dose Calculator mL/hr as mcg/min - calculates the dose of medications infusing

Dose Calculator mL/hr as mcg/kg/min - calculates the dose of medications infusing

Drug Absorption (Pka) Calculator - determines how well a medication will be absorbed into the body

Epinephrine Solutions to mg/mL Conversion Calculator - chart that converts a ratio into a mg/mL concentration

Estimated Blood Volume Calculator - estimates how much blood is in a person's body

Estimated Creatinine Clearance

Factor VIII dosing

Factor IX dosing

Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion

Fractional Excretion of Sodium

Free water deficit

Ideal Body Weight (IBW) Calculator - compares an individuals weight against a statistical norm

Inches to Centimeters Conversion Calculator - converts inch and centimeter lengths

Ingested Substance Blood Level

Ionized calcium estimation

IV dosage calculator

IV infusion time (using IV pump)

IV rate (gtt/min) Calculator - calculates IV rates without using an IV pump

IV rate (mL/hr) Calculator - calculates IV rates when given a time limit when IV must be infused

IV Rate Calculator mcg/min as mL/hr - calculates IV medication rates

IV Rate Calculator mcg/kg/min as mL/hr - calculates IV medication rates

Kilograms to pounds conversion

Mean arterial pressure

Muscle relaxants Calculator

N.P.O. Fluid Replacement Calculator - calculates fluid replacement for time NPO

O.R. Fluid Requirements Calculator - calculates IV rate according to the type of surgery

Oxygen Remaining in E-Cylinder Calculator - calculates how much O2 is left according to rate infusing

Pediatric Code Med Sheet Generator

Pediatric Dose Calculator - converts an adult dosage into a pediatric using BSA

Pediatric Drip Rate - Dose Rate Calculator

Pediatric Emergency Medications Drip Sheet Calculator

PO Dosage Calculator - calculates liquid medications such as acetaminophen elixir

Pounds to kilograms conversion

Pounds to Kilograms Conversion Calculator - converts pound and kilogram weights

Predicted alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient) for age

Predicted endotracheal tube size for age

Predicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - females

Predicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - males

Pregnancy Due Date

Pregnancy Wheel

Propofol bolus/infusion Calculator - calculates how many mL to push for intubation or rates for sedation and maintenance

Room air alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient)

Serum Osmolarity

Serum osmolarity estimation

Sodium bicarbonate replacement

Sodium correction in hyperglycemia

Solutions % to mg/mL Conversion Calculator - converts % solution into mg/mL concentration

Weights and Measures - converts lbs. to kgs. and F to C.